We are a bike shop + coffee shop in the Arts District of Los Angeles with a mission to connect community and inspire an everyday lifestyle lived by bicycle.  We have a full coffee shop, proudly serving Olympia Coffee, August Uncommon Tea, and Superba Food & Bread, which you can read more about here.  In our bike shop you'll find a thoughtful line-up of steel framed, vintage-inspired bicycles (read: comfortable, beautiful, and easy to accessorize and customize) by Handsome, Surly and Rivendell which you can read more about here. Additionally, our shop features a curated collection of accessories designed to support all of your adventures. Not sure what that means? Just head over to our shop. It'll make a lot of more sense.  But that's not all. Oh no.


The Wheelhouse is a place for adventures. Those who hear the call of the wild and those who live their life in the middle of everything. Those who travel and wander and explore, who peer down tucked away alleys in the hopes of stumbling upon something unexpected. Those who collect stories over snow globes, because they know a life of experience is a life well-lived. 

Maybe you ride bicycles but maybe you don't or maybe you don't yet. That's not really the point. It's about being a part of something. It's a collective celebration of the things we have in common and the things that are wholly our own. We believe bicycles are for everybody- they're universal like that. How you ride and where you ride- well, that is entirely up to you.


Oh, we love this story. It's a classic. A tale as old as time. Really, stop us if you've heard this one before...

Boy meets girl. Girl loves coffee. Boy takes girl to coffee shops even though he doesn't care for the stuff because, like we mentioned, girl loves coffee and boy likes girl. Boy orders a black coffee at a new roaster to impress girl and, just like that, boy falls in love with coffee. And with girl.

Boy moves to a loft in downtown LA and begins riding his bicycle to get around because it's much easier than walking two blocks past a drug corner to fetch his car from the parking structure only to deal with traffic and parking. Boy begins to see the city differently. Boy discovers tiny taquerias and hole-in-the-wall record stores and corner bodegas with mariachi music spilling out and entire neighborhoods he would have missed behind a windshield. Boy falls in love with riding his bicycle to get around. Boy convinces girl that she will love it too.

Boy and girl go from bike shop to bike shop to look for a beautiful everyday bicycle. One bike shop tries to sell girl a very expensive carbon fiber bicycle and an aerodynamic helmet. Girl declines. Another bike shop ignores them completely while another uses fancy words and judgement to scare boy and girl away. Girl finally stops going into bike shops. Boy goes on Craigslist and uses You Tube to restore a vintage bicycle for girl.

Boy and girl ride everywhere on their bicycles. It is magical. People stop them all the time with compliments and similar stories of bad bike shop experiences and a wistful look in their eyes that says "I wish I had a bicycle. I would love to ride a bicycle around."

Boy and girl wonder how they can get more people on bicycles like this. They continue to ride. They continue to wonder. And they continue to hear stories of people who want to do this but don't know where to begin. And so they decide. We will build the bike shop we couldn't find. We will bring people who ride bicycles and people who don't ride bicycles together in one place over coffee at the coffee shop we want to hang out in. And we will create the community we've been looking for. 





Over the past two years, our mission has grown and, with it, our plans for the future. On December 30th we closed our shop in LA's Arts District and will be taking the brand in a new direction (you can read our full letter here). We are still plotting out our new course, but whatever it is, you- our community- are coming with us.

After all, The Wheelhouse is not a space, it’s people.  

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