WE BELIEVE in friendly service and delicious coffee served simply. 





OLYMPIA COFFEE ROASTING CO  There's a lot of good coffee happening out there in the world, but when searching for our perfect roasting partner, good coffee was just one of the things we were looking for. We wanted to work with good folks, who sourced consciously and shared our passion for high quality standards and approachable, friendly service. When we met Olympia, they checked all of our boxes. That they also ride bikes and believe wholeheartedly in our mission to spread the everyday bicycle culture- well, that was just the coffee cherry on top. Los Angeles, we are pleased to be the first to introduce you to Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. You are going to love them. LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM HERE    












AUGUST UNCOMMON TEA  This local Arts District-based company, founded by husband-wife team Aaron Shinn + Gina Zupsich, is pioneering a new frontier for tea. And boy do we love pioneers. And dynamic husband-wife duos. Bringing a thoughtful and modern experience to tea through small seasonal batches, unique blends and a simple, approachable brewing system, this is unlike any tea you've had before. Throw away all your pre-conceived notions because you are not going to want to miss out on this delicious addition to our line up. LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM HERE


SUPERBA FOOD & BREAD  Food or art? If you've seen and tasted their pastries, you're probably shouting- both! And if you haven't had the pleasure yet, then trust us- both! This Venice-based bakery + cafe, shares our standards of quality and responsibility, using organic, natural and/ or non-gmo ingredients, while also insisting that thoughtful, quality food can (and should) also be fun. Their attention to detail is carried right through to the presentation, providing a treat for the eyes as well as the mouth. Get those cameras ready, because your morning coffee and pastry has never been more instagram-able. LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM HERE


PRESSED JUICERY  Make it taste great. Make it simple. Make it affordable. Make it for everyone. With a mission like that, this Los Angeles based company is right up our alley (ha! you thought we were going to say 'in our wheelhouse', didn't you...) Started by three pals, each on a journey to live well, they bonded over a universal love of juice and set out to bottle their secret to a happy, healthy life and share it with the world. With small batch juice blends and innovative flavor combinations, you don't have to love all juice to love this juice. LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM HERE