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We love New Bike Days! And usually, New Bike Day also means New Helmet Day and New Lock Day and Oh I Also Need One Of These Day. So, when you buy a bicycle with us, you get 10% off any accessories you purchase at that same time. Our Happy New Bike Day gift to you.



So you found a new-to-you bicycle (huzzah!) but you're not excited about meeting a stranger at their house (those childhood lessons run deep- thanks mom) and you have no idea what to look for to make sure you don't get completely screwed. That's what we're here for. Meet the seller at The Wheelhouse and our mechanic will do a basic assessment of the bicycle. We'll give you a recap of recommended work and parts needed to get the bike up and running so you know what you're in for. You can't buy that peace of mind. Usually. Here, it cost ten bucks and includes a cup of coffee.

Speaking of Craigslist...if you're in the market for a new-to-you bicycle, hop on our email list. We do weekly round ups of the best bicycle deals we find. Basically, we do all the hard work for you.  



Sometimes, the first bicycle you love isn’t the bicycle you’re going to be with forever. We get it. It’s the whole endings are new beginnings thing. But that doesn’t mean your first bicycle’s journey has to end there. We’d much rather give you both a new beginning. We’ll trade in any bicycle we previously sold and currently stock, in good condition, for store credit towards a new bicycle. It’s kind of like your first bicycle is paying it forward. Which is very generous, don’t you think?



Hotels, Offices, Residential Buildings, Organizations- this is for you!

Just imagine for a moment- a whole fleet of bicycles lined up in your lobby, all shiny and waiting to be ridden, boasting your branding. They’re just sitting there, but what they’re silently saying is “Hey tenant/ guest/ employee! We really care about your experience here. We value you and your happiness and your health and the environment, so why don’t you go ahead and use one of these bicycles to run your errands or grab lunch or sightsee. And, please, put your wallet away. It’s on us.” As you can imagine, your tenant/ guest/ employee is thrilled. Meanwhile, one by one, these little mobile billboards go rolling around town, carrying happy people, showing off how cool you are which always attracts more happy, good people who appreciate businesses that do neat things.

Pricing and options vary 



Now you have a whole fleet of bicycles- hooray! They’re getting lots of use and now they could use a little love. Bicycles need maintenance, after all. But who wants to deal with that? We do! And, if it’s ok with you, we’d like to make it super easy for you. Like, you don’t even have to think about it, easy. Sound good? Great. So, once a month, our mechanic will come to you with a pop up repair stand and all his handy tools. They’ll be clean and tidy and friendly and when they leave, your bicycles will be all tuned up and ready to ride. If something happens between our monthly visits, no problem, we’ll handle that too.

Pricing and options vary



Show your bicycle-riding tenants and team members how much you appreciate them. Bring The Wheelhouse service and experience right to their desk or their door. One of our friendly mechanics will set up shop onsite for quick fixes, tune ups and adjustments. They’ll work one-on-one with each person to answer questions and to talk about any larger repairs or recommendations.

Half Day (4 hours, 8-10 bicycles)   500

Full Day (8 hours, 16-20 bicycles)  900


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