Olympia Coffee - Mauricio Shattah Geisha Natural

The Wheelhouse


Only 80 boxes available 

You might be thinking $58 for 8oz of coffee?! And to that we say- You betcha!

Mauricio Shattah is a farmer, doctor, scientist, and coffee fanatic. All of his coffee is custom grown and custom processed. He is one of the best coffee farmers anywhere and Geisha is the most award-winning and prized coffee varietal in the world. Mauricio starts his natural process by fully submerging freshly picked cherries in water and adding yeast. The yeast permeates to the seed and passes along fruit flavors without allowing “off” fermented flavors to develop. This process cuts fermentation time from roughly one month down to one day. After this first step, the coffee is pulped like a honey processed coffee and sprinkled with a custom blend of organic acids. The acids promote and control anaerobic fermentation and the coffee dries in a temperature and humidity controlled room, where it is hand-turned every half hour for one month.

This crazy effort, scientific approach, and attention to detail leads to what is a revolutionary coffee experience. After drinking Mauricio Shattah’s Geisha Natural, coffee will never be the same to you again.


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