Sackville SaddleSack - Medium


Made of waxed, waterproof cotton and leather, we would argue there is no better way for transporting your belongings and prized possessions on two wheels than with the Sackville medium. Hanging extra weight from the saddle (where there's already and extra 100+ pounds hanging out) keeps the bike balanced, whereas panniers and front baskets can take some getting used to. The Sackville medium fits your Macbook Pro, your shoes, your lunchbox, your gym clothes, your work clothes, your groceries, and anything else shy of unruly camping gear. Load up and unload with more ease than lacing up your boots.
You don't need to use a rear rack with this bag, but anticipate a little rubbing on the tire here. It's not the end of the world, but if you're going to have full load on the regular, we do recommended a nitto rear rack to add some additional support for your handsome bag. 

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